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What's new at the CCC?

A quiet year for the club...other than many clubhouse activities, both community/individual organized events and club-sponsored suppers, including the ever-popular hamburger/homecut fries night. Steak/walleye/shrimp nights find the club serving 135-140 on average, with the hamburger/fry nights even more. The dates for these upcoming events are not determined as of yet----always the club goal is to balance our calendar with our members wish to rent the facility as well as with events being held in our community. Advertising sites include this web site (calendar page), the Cavalier Chronicle, the local TV events channel, and the electronic billboard in Cavalier. When all else fails, call 265-4506. Whatever you do, don't miss these special nights!

​For the first time in several years, no major purchases were made. Emphasis was on reducing debt, with 2019 being more of the same. Our equipment purchases over the past few years has positioned the club very well, with no updates planned for some time.

Unfortunately 'what's new' must include info on an increase in dues----family will now be $395 and single will go to $290. These extra dollars will allow the club to build a fund to be used for future capital purchases, a necessity if we want the course to continue to be in the best condition possible.

The 'donor wall', as talked about in personal conversations and direct mail will happen this year. Those who donated to the new clubhouse will have their names etched onto a type of signage that will be attached to the wall beside the east doors. Anybody who has not made any donation to this effort still can, likely up to the first part of the summer.