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September 18th - 2 Man Tournament

March 16, 2021
The CCC held its annual meeting.

We have adequate cash on hand, but it will be consumed quickly for season startup costs and a project we are forced to undertake on the grill shack prior to June 1, 2021. Late in 2019, our insurance company notified us of several, large non-compliance issues with our grilling facility. Unless we make necessary changes to basically convert it to a commercial kitchen, our insurance will non-renew as of June 1, 2021. The cost of this upgrade is estimated at $40 - $50k so unfortunately, we will be seeking our members and community support once again. In the meantime, we have started making the changes and are also searching for a new insurance company with quotes coming in soon. We have added a separate line on the membership form this year if you want to designate funds specifically to this project.

Membership – Was up just slightly with a combined total of 284 as opposed to the previous year of 273. We did raise fees only slightly this year to round the numbers up. Family is $400 and Single is $300. All other fees remain the same. The 2021 membership form has some additional information we would like to get from each member. We have a line to include your email address – this is to get info on steak nights or other events quickly and more directly to our members. We are also looking to include your cart shed number if you have a shed. We have a number of sheds unaccounted for and not paying the yearly fee, so we need to verify shed information please.

While we still are not quite back to normal, we anticipate getting back to regular steak nights, tournaments, parties and open houses this upcoming season. With the incredible weather we are having, it looks like we will open earlier than normal but please be patient as the lack of moisture last fall and this winter means we need to get water on the course before play can start.

NEW THIS YEAR – Pay your membership by May 31st, 2021 to be entered in a draw for a free membership in 2022!